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A Peek into RWA17 – Orlando, Florida

This July 26th to 29th saw over two-thousand romance authors, agents, publishers, publicists, and accomplished speakers gather in Orlando, Florida, for the Romance Writers of America Annual Conference.

While this undeniably special and highly-anticipated event always leaves attendees depleted of tears as well as giggles, this year had the authors danced-out too!

In a strategic shifting of event times, the RWA goddesses changed the timing of the RITA Awards Ceremony, celebrating the best in romance, from its typical end-of-conference slot, to the beginning!

This small change created big waves as the powers-that-be also delighted authors with a post-RITAs dance party! Complete with bar, dance floor, and DJ, this party was one for the books (if you will).

There’s nothing quite like two-thousand romance authors, free of their writing caves, letting their inner dancing queen shine! And, if you missed the videos, you can find them here.

Laurie and Marissa of the Pub-Craft Team found themselves dancing the night away alongside clients and dear friends, new and old. Occasionally, they would do their due diligence by stepping off the dance floor to record some clips and take some pics for posting. Occasionally, they would pretend they were doing their job when they were really admiring the rhythm and coordination of some authors, executing dance moves that they’re still not sure they have in Canada!

As RWA Con is the main event through which Laurie and Marissa escape their cluttered desks, they were sure to book-end the trip with some magic. Specifically, the Magic Kingdom and Universal Studio’s Harry Potter World.

What they say is true, there is nothing quite like standing with your best friend, and watching the fireworks fill the night sky above the castle at Disney, or seeing the wonder in a child’s eyes as their wand chooses them in the Ollivanders wand experience. (Despite SOME rather short and red-headed people’s original intentions to disguise themselves as children in order to be selected and fight their way to wand-dom. Cough Cough, Marissa. Cough.)

Another beautiful adventure in romance, complete with info-packed workshops, goodies, shared wisdom, and too many gorgeous shoes to count, The Pub-Craft Team hopes you enjoyed their posts, and that they will have the pleasure of seeing you at next year’s RWA Conference 2018!

For Marissa and Laurie’s detailed speaker notes for the 20/20 Expert Sessions on “Social Media for Beginners, and “Blurbs and Taglines Made Easy,” find the links in the Pub-Craft Newsletter or contact Pub-Craft, say “Hi!”, and the notes will be sent to you!

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