(Re)Starting Your Author Blog with Karen Evans



Many authors are bloggers, and many bloggers become authors! Whether you’re using your blog to publish new content, reach out to your readers, or show other authors some love, a consistent blog is a great way to get your content out there and make gains in visibility and discoverability!


Our blog post today is a guest post from Karen Evans of Start Blogging Online, all about how to start, or re-start, your blog.



A lot of people think that blogging is easy. You just have to sign in to your blog account and publish or schedule your post, right? Well, these are just the basic steps – to publish posts that your target audience will love, make your blog grow, and improve your online presence is a different story.


There’s more work involved than you may have thought, and the process will not always be smooth sailing. You can face various difficulties, just as other bloggers experienced before they became pros. Besides, even successful bloggers still make mistakes and encounter problems every now and then.


As a new blogger, you may be making your own blunders, but do not let these mistakes stop you. Instead, take them as lessons to become better. And, learn these common mistakes that new bloggers usually make, so you can avoid them!




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