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Author Coaching

In my first year of business, I helped 100+ authors hit the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Lists. My speciality is romance but I work with all fiction genres. In 2021, After 8 years of working closely with authors, I set out to create a course that would help authors to know where to start and what to do next to stop feeling invisible and get more discoverability online from the right readers for them. 


I interviewed 50+ volunteer authors about their marketing struggles and frustrations and, using all that amazing insight, created my 8 week lifetime-access group coaching course, The Visible Author Method: Find & Connect with Your Ideal Readers! (Scroll down or click here to read my coaching reviews)

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I am so proud to have now successfully seen multiple graduating classes of authors complete this course and to be offering spots for future intakes! I only accept authors into the program if I've had a chance to chat with them. This is so I can make sure the class is well-suited to you. Don't worry, even if we're not the right match now, we can always meet again in the future and I can provide you with some next steps for free in the meantime!

My ideal fiction author (hybrid, self-published, or traditional) wants to:

  • Get more visibility and discoverability for their books

  • Find & connect with their ideal readers

  • Understand their brand and unique messaging

  • Scale their newsletter and grow their list

  • Get more reviews and put those reviews to work for them

  • Cost-effectively promote their books

  • Know where to start (or restart) and what to do next

  • Feel WAY more confident about online marketing and tools

  • Take the lessons at their own pace while still benefitting from group accountability and the ability to repeat them

  • Benefit from personalized support from me and an amazing and growing community of authors with lifetime access to all updates and weekly support meetings

If that's you, then I invite you to have a chat with me, to talk about your goals and frustrations and see if we find a connection!

You can book a free Get-To-Know Chat with me by clicking the following link:

Even if we discover that the timing is not right yet, I'd be happy to hear about your books and author journey and to offer you some guidance!

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Coaching Reviews

Here's what authors are saying...

I'm heart-burstingly proud and pleased to share the following reviews for The Visible Author Method


"I can't say enough about the value I've gained from working with Laurie Cooper and the Visible Author Method! I've been publishing hybrid for 12 years, but I've never seen the success that I've achieved in just a few short months working with Laurie. She's taught me to niche down, find and connect with my ideal audience, be reader-centric, use promotional tools in effective and very efficient ways, overhaul my brand, and get noticed in a crowded market! My first-ever indie release INTERSTELLAR ANGEL is currently sitting at #129 in the whole Kindle Store and it's a #1 bestseller in multiple categories thanks to what I've learned from Laurie! She is an absolute bargain as well as a constant source of encouragement to a struggling author, and her Visible Author Method is worth every cent. One of the best marketing investments I've made!"

- Laura Navarre

(Laura Navarre is a paranormal steamy romance author for readers who love extra spicy, extra shifty, wild & witchy why-choose romance starring bi heroes and the confident women who love them.)

"The vast amount of resources I have gained from this course is worth its weight in gold. We learned basic fundamentals every author should be practicing, as well as best practices for maximum results. My greatest takeaway, however, is the confidence Laurie has given me to take leaps of faith in myself and my abilities to take control and steer my writing career how I want it to go. The lifetime of support from her and other authors in the class has already proved to be invaluable. This was the best investment I've ever made for my writing career."

- Angelique Migliore 

(Angelique Migliore is an off-beat romance author for open-hearted readers who adore fantastical tales featuring relatable Universal Loves and Timeless Romances.)


"Laurie Cooper and her Visible Author Method program are truly amazing! Laurie is so knowledgeable about all things book marketing. She is also incredibly patient and kind. She helped me level up in marketing promotion and increase my visibility and reach. The lifetime access she offers to the course material and live Q&A sessions is priceless! Laurie Cooper and the Visible Author Method are life-changing for any author looking to up their game".

- Brenda Lowder 

(Brenda Lowder is a romantic comedy author for readers who love humor, wit, and whimsy with their happily ever afters.)


"I have jokingly said that the Visible Author Method could alternately be called the "stuff you didn't know you didn't know" course, since that's what it really felt like: filling in some of the blanks in knowledge about brand and marketing, and giving you a more complete skill set and method to work with. It's been amazing to finally understand how different elements work together, to really get the "marketing circle" and to allow that knowledge to help me move more confidently into a new year with a new plan and these tools at my disposal. If you've been feeling frustrated that you can't seem to gain traction with your books, or that everyone else seems to have some kind of secret knowledge you don't have, this is definitely the course for you. I'm so glad I took advantage of this opportunity to learn from Laurie and her experience, and can't wait to see where it takes me next!"

- Shelly Chalmers 

(Shelly Chalmers writes contemporary fantasy romance with lots of humor, a dash of geek, talking animals, and the frequent need to save the world in the quirky, magical, rural town of Beckwell.)

"The Visible Author Method opened my eyes to a world of author resources I'd never have found or figured out how to use on my own. The structure, the teaching, the amazing teacher, and the power of working in a group--sharing questions, efforts, and insights--made this course empowering. "Coaching" is definitely the key to Laurie Cooper's teaching success--positivity, guidance with a light hand, support when needed, a willingness to go over the fine points again, and your own personal cheering squad for every success."

- Kate Moore 

(Kate Moore writes fast-paced, emotionally charged romances set in contemporary coastal California and Jane Austen’s England.)


"The publishing business has changed. In today's market an author needs a variety of skills to stay in the game. Before taking the Author Visibility course, I had very few of those skills. I frankly felt lost when it came to promotion, but that is no longer true. I now have several new and necessary skills to help me move my career forward. I highly recommend the Author Visibility course, for beginners and for those who've been around a while and need to up their game."

- Linda Winstead Jones 

(Linda Winstead Jones is the award winning author of paranormal romance with humor and relatable characters who find themselves surrounded by magic, dark and light.)


"Laurie's experience, methodical approach, encouragement of questions, and kind manner make this class suitable for new authors and those with books on the shelf. The group interaction during the support sessions, and Laurie's willingness to keep gently prompting our success, are invaluable. I was on the fence about taking yet another 'marketing' class. My editor pushed me forward and I am so glad she did. I've only begun to utilize the techniques and timelines Laurie provides, and the results already astound me. This class offers so much more than others I've taken in a similar vein."

- Sally Brandle 

(Sally Brandle is an award-winning contemporary romantic suspense author of edgy, sweetly intimate love stories)


"This class was informative, interesting, challenging, and fun! Laurie Cooper presents information thoroughly and clearly. She also takes time to address student problems asap with patience and in a reassuring manner. I love the format of lesson, homework, then followup Q and A support. By allowing students to post questions during the presentation she quickly made adjustments to clarify or expand as needed. This is the most valuable business of writing course I've taken. I wish I'd known all this before publishing my first three books, but you can be sure I will use what I've learned before publishing the fourth. I will be interested to compare next year's results to this year's."

- Leslie V. Knowles 

(Leslie Knowles writes Regency Romance for readers who enjoy the promise of trust and commitment on the way to happily ever after.)


"The Visible Author class given by Laurie Cooper was fantastic. When Laurie and I first talked about it she worried that I might not be able to learn much since I was doing some of the things she taught. I learned a lot. Things I never thought about. This is a class I wish I had when I first started writing, it taught me so much about branding and my author business."

- Marie Tuhart 

(Marie Tuhart, is a multi-published author of erotic romance, for adults that offer a fun, sexy read where romance is always the focus.)

Click the button below and book a free meeting with me to fill in the missing piece in your marketing puzzle. I can't wait to chat with you!

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