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"Laurie is wonderful to work with! She’s professional, reliable, knowledgeable, timely, and honest. She’s willing to think outside the box, to make suggestions, to educate, and to watch for opportunities that fit an individual author’s needs. She also gets results. I had set numbers I wanted to reach, and we exceeded them by thousands!" - USA Today Bestselling Author, Tara Taylor Quinn

"Laurie is amazing! After attending one of her workshops, I contacted her in the hopes she’d be able to help me focus my marketing dollars instead of watching them go down the drain without any return on investment. She developed a budget-friendly workable plan that included my newsletter creation and a step-by-step execution strategy for the release of book three of my erotic romantic suspense series. The launch is on target and performing better than my wildest expectations. Her creative solutions to marketing my erotic books are showing dividends both financially and review wise. Working with Laurie has been the best business decision I’ve made this year!" - Erotic and Romantic Suspense Author, Cadence Vonn

"When I met Laurie, my sales were almost non-existent, and my page reads were minuscule. In short, my so-called writing career was a shambles, and I had almost no money coming in from my writing.

Laurie changed that. The biggest thing she did was LISTEN. Closely. She assessed my pen names, my individual books, my reviews and my prospects, and she put a plan in place that took into account my, um, unique personality. (This is a nice way of saying I can be a contrary jerk when I put my mind to it, and sometimes even when I don’t.)

Long story short, her plan worked. In spades. My page reads have increased by a factor of ten, and I’m getting a steady stream of sales. She’s been flexible enough to change the plan when necessary, and determined enough to keep me on track when I wanted to change something. Working with her has been a gift, and we both agree that we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s possible. Without her, none of that happens, plain and simple. She’s brilliant--also plain and simple.

The best part about working with Laurie has been that she’s become a wonderful, valued friend, and that friendship has deepened as I've gotten to know her better. To say that she goes the extra mile professionally would be a massive understatement, and her knowledge, experience, skills and insights have been beyond invaluable. I know that not every author who works with Laurie will become a friend the way I have, but anyone who works with her is truly blessed, and I’d put myself at the top of that list."
- Multi-genre and Multi-Pseudonym Author, Bob McCullough

"I am a brand new author, a technological infant, and a person who is incredibly grateful to the very talented Laurie Cooper at Pub-Craft!  I can not recommend her and the work she has done with me and for me enough.  She is so personable and easy to connect with, she is incredibly knowledgeable in all areas of marketing with all types of books and will meet you exactly where you are in your process and take you to heights you could never imagine.  She took my words and ideas and marketed them brilliantly, using my voice and her skill set to create a buzz and attention around my book that will ensure success.  I need to say to all authors - you need Laurie - we put the words on the page but she gets it into the hands of the readers and is so amazing at doing so.  And, she somehow taught me how to manage my own social media with patience and skill... and trust me... that was not easy to do with a 59 year old who is not technologically savvy! I intend to keep working with Laurie on every project I create and fully trust her with my 'babies'  - my books.  She is exceptional at what she does and I highly highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get their work 'out there'." - Nikki Langdon, Mental Wellness Author & Motivational Speaker

"Laurie and Marissa have been a pleasure to work with! They both are very knowledgeable in their field and have always been able to execute exactly what I was looking for.  Both of them care about what they are doing and took a genuine interest in my business.  I would highly recommend them!!"

Tracy Henning

CEO & Founder of Porchlyte: For The Modern Realtor, and Course Creator of The Ultimate Selling System

When I think of Pub-Craft and the staff that run it, I think amazing. I have used their service multiple times when promoting a book or set and I am never disappointed at their kindness, support and the dedication they give to each project."

Yvette Hines

USA Today Bestselling Author

Pub-Craft helped me launch my new scifi romance series right! Thanks to their help, my book, Abducted, made it to number 3 on the Amazon scifi romance list without being in Kindle Unlimited. Definitely recommended!

Evangeline Anderson

NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author

A while back, I set out to find a Virtual Assistant so that I could spend more time writing and less time pulling my hair out—a scenario to which most independent writers can relate. A fellow novelist recommended Pub-Craft, and, having worked with Marissa and Laurie for months, I too can highly recommend them. Their service is amazingly prompt, friendly and helpful, and my stress level has gone down exponentially since I began working with them. I have absolute faith that when I need something done, it will be covered, and always with a smile and a wonderful demeanor–which is really important to me, particularly when it comes to communicating with readers.
I can’t say enough good things about them.

Carina Wilder

NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author

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Pub-Craft far exceeded my expectations on developing marketing materials for my upcoming thriller novel. I particularly appreciated the research-based approach to development as well as the explanations why wording choices are made. I got a broad range of options to select from and the people were very helpful and friendly to work with.

Lucas Sterling

Speculative Fiction Author

The women at Pub-Craft are pros all the way. Organized and helpful and simply fun to work with, they especially know the world of advertising. My campaign was not only well-executed, it brought measurable results!

Clare James

Romance Author

I highly recommend Pub-Craft. Their audio package performed way beyond any expectations I might have had!

Carly Phillips

NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author

Pub-Craft made my bestseller dreams come true! I couldn’t have done it without them!

Julie Cross

International Bestselling Author

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