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Marketing for Brands & Businesses

The Pub-Craft Team custom-tailors plans to best suit the individual business owner and his or her budget! Check out our sample packages below, and contact us for your custom plan!

Custom Social Media Video


Our Custom Social Media Video package is perfect for entrepreneurs, creatives, and small business! Our custom videos will help you cement your brand, boost your social media content, and reach a broader audience. This is an excellent package to get a fun, informational, magical, inspirational, exciting, or buzz-worthy short video clip, focusing on you, your brand, or a particular service or product you'd like to feature.


This package includes:


o One custom-made short video to help boost social media reach and engagement, featuring you, your brand in general, or a product/service you'd like to feature.

o Video features a suitable soundtrack (instrumental background music), and a montage of pictures and/or short video clips strung together for a memorable and shareable social media video!

o Optional: Can include some additional media purchases (special music, specific stock footage, graphics, pictures, etc) to make your video even more special!

o Includes up to two rounds of revisions, if desired.

Wix Website Design Package


This comprehensive package includes:

o Initial Brand Consultation (Discussion of brand vision including website name, design style, colours, logo, preferences and hopes and dreams).

o Domain Registration & Hosting Set-Up

(One free domain for a year comes with the purchase of Wix hosting (roughly $14.99/month depending on your desired package). Please note that the purchase of, and fees to manage and host, your domain is your responsibility and we will facilitate registration and set-up with on-call support via phone, text, Zoom, Skype, or FB Messenger).

o Custom logo design.

o Custom image design & stock art to be featured on your website.

o Custom social media buttons linking to your requested social media accounts (ex. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest etc.).

o An online contact form linking to an email account of your choice.

o Optional integrated blog and/or video stream.

o De-brief consultation including up to 3 revisions of website elements. (Should you require or wish for more time and edits to your website, we're happy to discuss the cost of additional virtual assistance as needed).

The Result?


You are ready to focus on growing your business or project with your own super user-friendly, live, on-brand Wix website!


Possible Suggested Add-Ons Can Include:

o Video training session(s) to ask any additional questions about managing your website and receive one-on-one training for your website needs ($100/hr)

o Add a custom promotional video to your website and social media platforms! More details can be found above in the Custom Social Media Video package.

o Not sure what to do next? Need help with digital marketing? Seeking virtual assistance? We are available to support you on monthly retainer or as needed. Don't hesitate to ask us any of your questions! We are here to help and will work with you to stay within your budget. (Pricing to be discussed based on specific needs and budget) 

Quick-Fix Social Media Boost


o Custom Facebook and Twitter written promo content (10 tweets and 5 FB posts) featuring products/services of your choice.

o Two social media ad graphics featuring selected products/services for your business, with up to 3 design review opportunities.

o Optional custom Facebook ad content copy with tips & advice on targeting, and boosting tactics.

Platform Builder


Perfect for small business looking to boost sales, build visibility, and reach more users – an excellent package to set you up to promote yourself & grow!

o Facebook and social media optimization (includes consultation with the Pub-Craft Team on how to maximize the reach of your social media, optimize the effectiveness and appearance of your social media presence, and specific ways to direct traffic to sales, and/or your newsletter).

o Newsletter optimization (the Pub-Craft Team will build you a newsletter from scratch, or take the newsletter you currently have to new heights - includes the creation of an optimized newsletter template for future campaigns, well as a 'spruce' of your newsletter sign-up page).

o Custom promotional content for Facebook and Twitter (10 pre-written tweets, 5 pre-written FB posts, and at least 2 social media graphics) featuring products/services/events of your choice.

Brand Coaching Sessions

$200 - $300

Our Brand Coaching service is available on a per-hour, as-needed basis, and is is perfect for entrepreneurs, creatives, and small businesses who need a helping hand to cement and perfect their brand. Our coaches can polish, refine, and simplify the branding you have, or help you to build the right brand for you from scratch!



This service can include:

o Productive brainstorming of logo, slogan, business name, and imagery ideas.

o Evaluation of current branding with suggestions for areas of improvement and simplification.

o Strategic plans for boosting your brand visibility, including actionable next steps for brand growth

o Distilling a your 'big picture' for your brand into tangible detailed changes you can make to cement your brand across all platforms.

o Taking you from focusing on the details to defining an overall big picture for your brand to carry through all your communications and create a consistent online presence.

o Muse-Boosting Chats where we act as an informed creative counterpart and sounding board to flesh out your ideas and bring the 'you' out in your branding.

(Price range varies depending on the depth of expertise required within the session)

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