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This image is juuust right!

Social media can be as picky as Goldilocks when it comes to image size. If your picture is too big, sections get cropped out - if it's too small, everything goes grainy and out of focus. To have the most effective social media presence, your images need to be juuust right! And to make it more fun for us all, every single image opportunity on every social media platform has a different optimal size.

But have no fear! The Pub-Craft Team is here with a quick reference guide so all your image-related info is all in one place. If you create your own social media images, or are just trying to decide which picture can go where, all the basic sizes you need to know are right here! ;)

Looking for someone to make your social media images for you? The Pub-Craft Team can help! Contact us for different social media image package details - whether it's a few fun images to post for more engagement, or an entire social media rebranding from cover photo to profile pic, we're here for you! <3

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