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The first Pub-Craft Pointers webinar is here!!

Have you heard?? Our first Pub-Craft Pointers Webinar is available now - FOR FREE!

Ever wondered about Facebook Takeovers? Well now we have all the answers you need in a quick 25-min step-by-step video. ;)

This is just the first webinar in what will be a growing library where you will be able to find videos for just about everything DIY authors need - or want - to know. This first one is free - as a thank you, and new years gift! And all the other price breakdowns will be available as we build the library and develop webinars on different topics of various lengths.

We are so excited about this launch, and can't wait to see where we go! Thank you so much to all of you for your support, love, and encouragement. We would not be embarking on this new leg of our journey without you. <3

Just follow this link to see our first webinar on How To Execute Your Best Facebook Takeover!

And to keep you from having to scribble furiously, we've got a PDF of the notes for you here, too. ;)

Thank you again for your support! And if you have any comments, concerns, or questions, we would love to hear from you. <3

And look to see much more from us soon!!

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